Friday, 18 May 2018

Split Screen

Ivanka: “Danke schön!” White teeth.
Smoke and Jared, wiping his forehead,
“Thanks for making America Great
Again,” with much hand clapping.
Split screen - black smoke emanating from Gaza,
rubber tires being tossed on a smoldering fire;
young men running with no leader no jobs,
burning rage. Trump blames Hamas, blames the kids.
Some in my country might be calling
the Gaza side an uprising – as usual.
Just a bunch of angry kids who weren’t invited
to celebrate the American Embassy’s
move to Jerusalem. And others might think
their rampage is totally inappropriate and focus
on the white teeth, white dress, white suit
and all those faces smiling at the cameras.

© Kay Weeks

A Grotesque Spectacle in Jerusalem

Kay Weeks worked for 30 years for the US National Parks Service in the area of National Historic Preservation, retiring in 2005. She writes and publishes poetry in the US and the UK.