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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Shithouse Blues

There's shit under our cities.
There's shit on our shoes
This rising Fatberg crisis
Gives me the shithouse blues.

The privatised sewers
Are full of mountains of fat.
We will be covered in shit
If we don't soon act.

Somethings are flushed
When the should be binned.
And that horrible smell
Is not on the wind.

It is under the street
Due to years of neglect.
Capitalism profits
And we pay the debt.

Things have got to change
It is up you to choose
Clean away the system
Or have the shithouse blues.
Clean away the system
Or have the shithouse blues.

© Phil Knight

Fatbergs—a byproduct of a system addicted to waste

Phil Knight is poet from Neath in South Wales. His poetry collection 'You Are Welcome To Wales" was published in 2015 by The Red Poets.

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