Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Miniscule the little beast
burrowing through her skin
to feast on flesh that lies beneath,
and lay its eggs
and multiply and multiply and multiply.

Why bother to pretend to care if you don’t care
even though your job description is that of carer. 
If you don’t care why bother
to treat infestations with a simple cream,
instead watch and see how the little mites
eat her inside out, crust up her skin,
ignore (her) exquisite pain, 
just watch her die, for she’s just old
so who cares anyway?

What’s a doctor? 
We don’t know that’s why we didn’t call one.   
But anyway, who cares?

Homicide by neglect – you must be joking. 
Even if you’re not, who cares?

But we do care what you think of us…
(for we’re nice y’know.)
We do care about that,
and that’s important…
very important.

© Mags Fairlie

Former model eaten alive by scabies in Georgia nursing home

Mags Fairlie is passionate about her world and writes about her feelings in both poetry and prose. She lives in the UK and likes putting her fingers in pies.