Saturday, 12 May 2018

London is dying from knife crime

Another death on our street

Another life incomplete

Young body cold concrete

Another Bobby taken off the beat

London is dying from knife crime
Gangs running riot fighting all the time

Innocents murdered for standing on the street
People are killed, pieces of meat

Police have disappeared through funding cuts
Now we're paying the price with blood, gore and guts

We must try to protect our vulnerable youth
Teach them right from wrong, teach them truth

This shouldn't be happening in modern times
Government failure now political crimes

Invest in our kids and the whole of society
If we're ever to stop the killing and relieve anxiety

© Robin Welsh

Donald Trump's remarks on tackling knife crime in London 'ridiculous', surgeon says

Robin Welsh writes poems and rhymes daily about all life in general...but mainly politics, human rights and world affairs. Performing at every opportunity he can get, not yet published because of procrastination.