Thursday, 3 May 2018

And just when you expect

the CAP to fit,
they do this. Me
planning to expand
the farm, from two-seater
leather to a three-seater
in lush green velour
and, having had the same set
of farm animals since
I was a child, I just bought
my first cow. Already
we are squeezed
for space on the couch
and he also insists
on hogging the remote.

© Maurice Devitt

Hogan warns 'hobby and sofa farmers' EU payments will be scrutinised in reform

Winner of the 2015 Trocaire/Poetry Ireland Competition, he was runner-up or shortlisted in Listowel, Cuirt, Patrick Kavanagh, Interpreter’s House and Cork literary Review. He is a poet of international breadth, having had poems published in the UK, US, India, Romania, Australia and Mexico, and representing Ireland at the Berryman Conference in Minneapolis, and at the Poets in Transylvania Festival. He is also the curator of the Irish Centre for Poetry Studies site, a founder member of the Hibernian Writers’ Group and has a debut collection upcoming from Doire Press in 2018.