Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A very English Bank Holiday

Phew! Local elections over. Relax,
settle down with the papers and the telly.
Put your feet up, enjoy the sun,
try to forget it.
It was all topsy-turvy, anyhow.
Success was called failure, failure success.
Win or lose, the parties were delighted,
except when the results were
Language suborned, truth reinvented.
Believe nothing.

             But at least the sun shone
             and you could get out into the garden

Once upon a time there was a secret ballot,
a jewel in democracy’s crown. Not any more.
Four thousand turned away from polls
for lack of photo-ID. A trial, to combat
the major issue of electoral fraud
(28 bad votes, at the last election,
out of 32 million).
Also works on
~        poor people,
~        homeless people,
~        old people,
~        young people,
~        transgender people,
~        disabled people, and
~        ethnic minorities.

             But at least the sun shone
             and you could get out into the garden

‘We're here to help you with your journey needs
24 hours a day.’
Except on Sundays. Nothing stops
Planned Engineering Works on Sundays.

Particularly on the forecast
‘hottest May Bank Holiday
ever recorded’; particularly
on the London–Brighton line
via Gatwick airport, so that
people can neither go to the beach
nor leave the country,
their weekend one long despondent queue.
It’s their own fault, of course:
they were warned.
‘Due to overcrowding, customers for
Brighton & the south coast are strongly advised
not to travel today.’

             But at least the sun shone
             and you could get out into the garden

© Mandy Macdonald

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Mandy Macdonald lives in Aberdeen, trying to make sense of the 21st century. Music, poetry and gardening keep her sane. Her poems appear here and there in print and online.