You've read the news stories about the separation of immigrant families in the United States. You will be aware of the message Melania Trump carried on her coat. Poets have responded, from both sides of the Atlantic. Read what they have to say, this weekend, at Poetry24.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Right Royal Division

The remarkable sparkle
of Meghan the Markle
marrying Harry
on a mid May day

The hobs and the knobs
the stars and the snobs
all hoitied and toitied
come out to play

The hoi poloi clap
the plebs doff their caps
❤❤Spread the Love❤❤
they hear the preacher man say

Cute kiddies hold her train
confetti showers down like rain
and the country is divided
about whose really gonna pay.

© Bex Tate

When the confetti is swept away we are left with a deeply divided country

Bex Tate, frustrated with the data driven education system, recently left behind her job as a Kindergarten teacher to spend time writing and pondering life. Writing poetry helps her to try and make sense of the well as giving her the chance to rant a bit!!

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