Saturday, 5 May 2018

893.35 Quadrillion to One

I love to camp in the wilderness,
amongst the animals and trees.
Love to sleep with nature,
sleep in the mist,
embrace the light night breeze


Wilderness don't like me,
a snake bit me, bad

I love to hike in the mountains,
views and scenery to die for,
excitement beyond no other,
camping wild, camping,
my head on Mothers floor


Camping don't like me,
a bear found me and bit my head

I love to go body surfing,
wind in my hair,
salt water swimming,
just my shorts to wear,
swim in the ocean with the fish and the tide,
out in the open with nowhere to hide


Body surfing don't like me,
a shark saw me and bit my leg

I really love the beautiful and wild nature of our precious earth


It don't like me...

and I don't care!

© Robin Welsh

Man bitten by shark, bear, and snake, had odds of 893 Quadrillion to one

Robin Welsh writes poems and rhymes daily about all life in general...but mainly politics, human rights and world affairs. Performing at every opportunity he can get, not yet published because of procrastination.