Monday, 2 April 2018

Waves of Waste

Rolling and crashing, foam exploding
Waves rushing landward
Then receding away
Earth’s moon, pulling and releasing
Creating the tides and waves
Millions of litres, all moving together
Celestial power of rhythm and pulse
Constantly moving, over millennia

Within this beauty lies destruction
Islands emerging, constantly growing
Bags and bottles; all kinds of plastic
Floating together; trapped and entangled
With nylon fishing line, nets and rope
Man’s rubbish abandoned
Discarded and dumped in our seas

Shipping containers break free
And slip away from sight
Twenty seven each day, that’s
Ten thousand a year!
Like steel-clad icebergs, drifting
Silently bobbing, waiting and lurking
The silent destroyers
Of collisions at sea

Man has mismanaged and lost control
But waves still roll and crash on our shores
When man is gone; the waves will remain
And probably the plastic
We’ve dumped in the sea

© Peter Wright

Peter Wright was born and grew up in Kent and now lives in Dorset. He started writing poetry just over a year ago and tries to write something every day.