Saturday, 21 April 2018

Support Your NHS!

Wake up, smell the coffee,
sip it while its hot, quench your thirst,
drink it while you can.

Wake up, eyes wide open
read the news, see (the spin) between the lines,
see the lies and think on it, really think on it.

Wake up; stop your selfish crying,
stop moaning whilst the NHS is dying, if non-urgent
you might wait two weeks to see your doctor -
do you ever stop to think to wonder why?

Wake up, think & learn,
half of GP practices short of staff,
lots more work, less time to give to you,
stressed out they are, burn-out rising,
minimal pay rises, indemnity fees rises,
this & inflation all deplete their earnings
and steal their me-time too.
Would you want to be a doctor?

Wake up, think & learn,
two-thirds of hospitals short of doctors,
gaping holes in nursing too,
nurses working unpaid overtime,
never getting back their day owed in lieu,
both working their best in unbearable pressure,
what else do you suggest they can do?
Would you like to be a doctor or nurse?

Wake up, surely you’ve heard
of the gross underfunding
leading to trusts effectively bankrupt,
thus inadequate performance,
non-delivery of services,
excessive waiting of patients
and even preventable deaths &
winter crisis’s now expected to last into summer?
You haven’t? Well you’re reading the wrong paper –
do something please do something
before our NHS floundering & dying,
turns in its cradle as it draws its last breath.

Wake up – think!
Don’t turn up at your doctors demanding antibiotics
for a sniffle, as nearly all now think a cold is a flu.
Don’t turn up at your doctors for meds
you can buy over the counter
and extend this courtesy to A&E too.
Don’t turn up there for splinters in fingers,
toothache & backache, sniffles & sore throats
or just cos your pissed. Think of the folk
back-logged in the ambulances, true accidents and emergencies
whose immediate care might miss critical moments in timelines
(by your unnecessary presence) as you moan and groan as you wait
with your sore throat, wanting unneeded *AB’s…

But most of all be proactive, just do something,
raise your voice loud, write letters to newspapers,
the government and to your local MP,
join movements backing our doctors and nurses,
and importantly make no unnecessary visits
to accident & emergency or to your lovely GP.

Wake up – support our NHS,
for you really won’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone!

*AB’s = antibiotics

© Mags Fairlie

Mags Fairle is passionate about her world and writes about her feelings in both poetry and prose. She lives in the UK and likes putting her fingers in pies.