Saturday, 28 April 2018

Just The One

Fifty seven accusations.
Fifty seven lies.
Fifty seven secret pleasures.
Fifty seven stolen lives.

Fifty seven invitations.
Fifty seven spiders waiting.
Fifty seven true intentions.
Fifty seven parlours entered.

Fifty seven aggravations.
Fifty seven silent gains.
Fifty seven violations.
Fifty seven acts of shame.

Fifty seven allegations.
Fifty seven sick occasions.
Fifty seven vindications.
Just the one conviction
of the living definition of misogyny.

© Laura Taylor

Bill Cosby found guilty in sexual assault trial in milestone for #MeToo era 

Laura Taylor is a regular festival and open-mic night guest performer throughout the North West of England. She has been writing and performing poetry for six years, and has been widely published. Obsessed with words and language since her early childhood, Laura believes in the power of poetry as a means by which silent voices speak and hidden ears listen.