Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Goodbye to Facebook

It’s been a long time coming.

We’ve been on and off for years.

You reeled me in at the start,

Reconnecting me with old friends

and pictures of cute puppies -

both kinds!

But, just like all the rest,

you became more needy,

Stealing all of my friends,

copying my likes and dislikes.

Revenge Porn was a new low.

People like you are why blocking was created.

It had become an abusive relationship.

Demanding to know my whereabouts

at all hours.

Telling me where to shop, socialize,

who to be friends with.

I deleted you twice before

but couldn’t resist

your intoxicating allure.

The validation your adoration gave me.

My virtual life a smokescreen

for my personal tragedies and flaws,

Every post sunk me deeper into the void.

Facebook, I’m cutting the cord.

It’s over.

I’m through.

© Katy Konrad

Katy Konrad lives in the North West. Katy has performed at Callander Poetry Festival in Scotland twice. Her poem ‘Totality’ was published by Silver Birch Press in 2017.