Tuesday, 24 April 2018

dog’s dinner: a recipe for the Windrush generation.

Take a child, 9.
Nurture through 6 school years,
add sprinkling of jobs
1 generous tbsp. of love
one dozen rented homes (sequential)
2 daughters, grandchildren
friends to taste.

Allow to mature for 5 decades or more.

Move into hostile environment.
Discard love, jobs, generosity.
Cut all visible benefits from bone.
Apply as often as required
and leave to simmer.

In case of burned fingers
offer 1 mealy-mouthed apology.

And fail to serve.

© Steve Pottinger

'I feel disgusted': how Windrush scandal shattered two brothers' lives

Steve Pottinger writes and performs poetry whenever and wherever he can. He can be found on twitter at @BigStevePoet