Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Disney's Dead Inside

Mickey's eyes have lost their sparkle
Minnie's stalking Meghan Markle

Donald Duck's schizophrenic
Frenzied, fiery, fricking frenetic

Snow White's on the special cola
Elsa's not of sound mind.

Belle's bipolar-
Such a bind.

Winnie The Pooh's having a wobble
Cinderella's got the Collywobbles

Ariel's at breaking point,
Why-hard to pinpoint.

Princess Jasmine feels just fine
Or so you'd think, from looking online.

Olaf's OCD is off the chart
Channeling pain into snowy art.

Rapunzel's on a cocktail of drugs
When she all she needs is a massive hug.

Pluto's on Prozac
So watch your back.

Goofy's got PTSD
Gaston's got the blues

Cinderella's lost her sparkly shoes
Anna's anorexia -what's it to you?

Sugarcoated hopes and dreams
Cute fluffy kittens
And motivational memes

It's time make-believe died.
When Disney is dead inside.

© Katy Konrad

Katy Konrad lives in the North West. She has performed at Callander Poetry Festival in Scotland twice. Her poem ‘Totality’ was published by Silver Birch Press in 2017.