Tuesday, 10 April 2018


The Good Shepherd
Origami like
Folds and pens
The Sucker Herd
Tagging each one
As they baa baa baa
Onto pastures new

The flock
Finding they
have been misled
About justice
Bleating back
To Bo Peepian Days
When they could still
Stand up and be counted

In the time it takes
A lamb to shake its tail
They scroll on
To Selfie style themselves
A better future
100 likes later
Peace is restored
Crook in hand
Like Pavlov
Whistles for his dogs

© Bex Tate

Bex Tate, frustrated with the data driven education system, recently left behind her job as a Kindergarten teacher to spend time writing and pondering life. Writing poetry helps her to try and make sense of the world...as well as giving her the chance to rant a bit!!