Thursday, 26 April 2018


How shall he live
when breathing isn’t enough?

When the curl of his cheek
is apple-blush and beautiful,
his hair brown and lustrous,
his features perfectly formed.

When he wears red and blue p.j.’s,
looks as though he’ll wake
any moment, rub his eyes,
gaze up at his mum and smile.

When his lips turn blue
and she pours her own breath
into him, mouth on mouth
though breathing isn’t enough.

His brain is mostly water
that won’t replenish, water
isn’t enough, water isn’t life,
life isn’t the way it seems.

Alfie is dying
breath by breath.

© Sheila Jacob

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Sheila Jacob was born and raised in Birmingham and lives on the North Wales border with her husband. She's had poems published in various U.K.magazines and webzines.