Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Year 2000 AD

I was five years old when Raymond Baxter
told me about the wonders of "Tomorrow's World":
The Twenty-First Century. When electricity
would be free thanks to Nuclear Fusion,
they would not waste money sending
out bills that said "nothing to pay".
There would be world peace
and an end to all illness and hunger.
We would be living on the Moon
or the bottom of the Ocean.
And when we did our "one day of work a week",
our robot butlers would tidy the house.

Now I am living in that future
and not one bit of it came true.
No Nuclear Fusion,
so no free electricity, no world peace,
no cites on the Moon
or the bottom of the Ocean,
and we still have illness and hunger.
But one day, I still believe,
my robot butler will bring me
my long promised flying car.

© Phil Knight

Phil Knight is a poet from Neath. His Poetry Collection 'You Are Welcome To Wales' was published by Red Poets in 2015. He is the MC of Neath Poems and Pints.