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Sunday, 11 March 2018

That Mother

Do not place in her lap −

the irredeemably stained book bag,

the unbitten golden crisp apple,

the sticky wads of molten Wrigley’s,

the half-written Renaissance essay,

the earmarked and penciled-in Odyssey,

the infinite Java loops screaming ‘Hello world! ’,

the unanalyzed data of Simple Harmonic Motion,

the patriotic tunes stuck inside the trumpet,

the Vainglory demanding the next move on the iPhone,

the plastic ID displaying the year of graduation

the deluge of thoughts and prayers of effect unseen.

Do not send her contents of the locker −

She is a mother. That mother.

© Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar

Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar is an Indian American. Her work has appeared in print and online. She is also Pushcart nominee for 2017. Twitter@PunyFingers


  1. Brilliantly written. Each image so carefully selected, painting such a real picture of a youngster's school locker as image builds on image. Suddenly the penny drops on reaching the line, thoughts and prayers and the heart sinks in sad realization..So poignant. Wonderfully crafted.

  2. I really like this. I agree with Bex about the images.