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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Step into these shoes

Seven thousand shoes
spangled by winter sun
on the lawn of Capitol Hill.

Pink shoes,blue shoes, brown
and multi-coloured shoes.
Striped shoes,patterned shoes, plain
and glittery-purple shoes.
Green shoes,red shoes, black
leather shoes with ankle straps
and silver buckles.
Girls' shoes,boys'shoes,small
and medium shoes.

Size ten and a half shoes
Daniel Mauser wore the day
he was shot at Columbine
nineteen years ago.

Scuffed,comfy,off-white shoes,
laces untied,fabric stretched
to the width of his toes.

His Dad brought them to Washington,
wears Daniel's second pair-
a perfect match
for his own feet.

Tough, skateboarding shoes.
Gray and black Vans
Daniel won't be needing.

© Sheila Jacob

Sheila Jacob was born and raised in Birmingham and lives on the North Wales border with her Husband. She's had poems published in various U.K.magazines and webzines

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