Remember! Your poems don't have to be inspired by politics, alone. There's much more going on in your world, both locally and globally.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Spring Equinox

has hung around too long, too long
this year.
Like a busted flush of government,
what looked bright and clear
has morphed into dull chill of

The worst days have names:
Storm Emma,
the Beast from the East,
like a porn star spewing bad curry.
The 21st century whisks serious news into
PR spin
and layers of thin ice creak and crack
and scare.

a sparrow chirps brightly,
and a black-headed gull really does
sport black on his head, his summer colour,
after winter white.
Catkins wink from rejuvenated birch,
and just for a moment,
is in the air.

© Charlie Lambert

Charlie Lambert is a former journalist and sports broadcaster who turned to a different form of media in 2016 when he started writing poetry. He lives in Liverpool.