Friday, 16 March 2018

Oak and Pine

Dreaming out the window, beyond the Michigan horizon,

The ticking clock on the wall inching closer,

To the close of another school day,

I sigh with the oak and pine trees.

The year is 1988 and then 1989,

The classrooms vary every year,

But the ceilings remain tiled overhead,

The windows always firmly closed.

The books become more than colors,

Numbers become longer +×÷=%

My father's hunting rifle at home,

Remained stored in the closet until autumn.

The idea of any gun in school,

Never once entered my mind.

Or my dreaming, living classmates.

Today I sigh with the oak and pine.

© James Schwartz

James Schwartz is a gay ex ‪Amish‬ poet and slam performer. His poetry has been published by various poetry journals including Poetry 24, Politiku, @7x20, Babel: The Multilingual Multicultural Online Journal, The New Verse News, Nostrovia! Poetry, piecejournal, Silver Birch Press blog, Diversity Rules Magazine, Eris Magazine, and Science of Mind magazine.