Thursday, 29 March 2018

My Country And Yours

Behold the noble warriors locked in combat

        smashing each other's armament

        searching for vulnerabilities

        delivering blows below the belt

        simulating gentlemen, imitating nations.

Circling warily, observing time honored rules

        wounding, but not killing (at first)

        boasting impeccable aims of sport

        bleeding internally without a whimper

        century old traditions upheld.

Intentionally, unwittingly we reward the players

        shouts of encouragement

        dollars from tax pockets

        bandages from foreign factories

        medals from POTUS Draft Dodger.

Unceasingly the cost of indulgence soars

        we always were a rich nation

        money to spend on frivolities

        rarely taking sport seriously

        when properly fought inside the arena.

© Judy Shepps Battle

Judy Shepps Battle has been writing essays and poems long before retiring from being a psychotherapist and sociology professor. She is a New Jersey resident, addictions specialist, and freelance writer.