Thursday, 1 March 2018

In terms of night

One can conceive of this
only in terms of night.

And deep within the pitch
of this night, like ashes rising

against a wall of shadows,
something like a man moves.

There is breathing inside
this dark. We can hear it

as we can hear our own.
There is a voice. There are

words spoken. And from
all this we read humanity.

But there is a dislocation:
blood runs black; it circumvents

the heart. Each synapse
carries a twisted charge.

And from all this grow deeds
whose doing lies beyond

the farthest edges of
the dreams you and I share.

© Dick Jones

Dick Jones’ work has been published in magazines, print and online. In 2010 Dick received a Pushcart nomination for his poem Sea of Stars. His first collection, Ancient Lights, is published by Phoenicia Publishing. His translation of Blaise Cendrars’ influential epic poem ‘La Prose du Transsiberien…’ was published an illustrated collaborative edition with artist Natalie D’Arbeloff by Old Stile Press in 2014.