Thursday, 8 February 2018

Two Slices of Cheddar

Cheddar Man

I know patience is a virtue, but, man,
they took their time.

In 1903, I thought, yay, here we go.
They’d got my hopes up,
as well as my waiting bones.

Earth feels the rumblings, you know,
of the pale menwomen and their
heavy stomp of prejudice.

No wonder my knee bone was dis-
connected from my thigh bone,
my thigh bone disconnected you know the rest.

Dig me, guys, my heart but not a heart
beat out as I lay hidden,
the ultimate housebound, shut-in.

Come have a face-to-face
with Jack-in-the-box, black-in-the-box
and race each other to a rethink.

Oh, and there’s Sinatra, thinking
he’s got the monopoly on
old blue eyes. Ha.Ha. Ha.

© Fran Hill

Fran Hill is a writer and English teacher based in Warwickshire, UK.

Cheddar Man Speaks

This country is not what it used to be.
These white folks just walk across
that damn landbridge from Europe.
They take all our best caves
And they decorate them with them
Horrible hand paintings.
They eat our Mammoths
And they even have the blasted cheek
To be eaten our Saber-toothed tigers!
I tell you I have had a enough!
I am joining the UPIP; the
The Prehistoric Inpendenance Party,
That will sort them lot out.
Just you see.

© Phil Knight

Cheddar Man: DNA shows early Briton had dark skin

Phil Knight is poet from Neath in South Wales. His poetry collection 'You Are Welcome To Wales" was published in 2015 by The Red Poets.