Thursday, 22 February 2018

Thoughts and Prayers and Other Bullshit

Takes a millisecond
to reflect on it
The content dumped
from the horned, bovine's rectum
Smells of roses
When compared
to the spectrum
of trite platitudes
Expressions of grief and gratitude
lavished upon
the friends and families
of these
and their teachers
“He died a hero”
He died
He’s dead
Leaden hearted
Whilst at the heart of self interest
The clap, trap, trap, cliches and rhetoric
Continue to
Drowning out and droning on
“Sheltered by the arms of God”
Good god!
“Making America great again!”

© Bex Tate

Bex Tate is passionate about pottering, young childrens' literature and black cats. She lived in the Basque country for two decades before moving to Mallorca. She is currently tinkering around with words in English and Spanish and growing the odd cauliflower.