Monday, 26 February 2018

Them v Us


Kill the children,
but don’t take my gun.
I want my rights,
when the day is done.

Shoot at their school,
it will not be mine.
I don’t have to worry,
I will be perfectly fine.

Tragedy actors crying,
should have shot them.
Their liberal rhetoric,
I’ll do nothing but condemn.

Put guns in teachers' hands,
then they will be secure.
That’s their job anyways,
to be grown up and mature.

Take my gun away,
and then I am not free.
Don’t think I will listen,
to the left's desperate plea.

They want to take my guns,
and all of my rights too.
'Protecting' the 'little' children,
nothing they say is true.

Kill the children,
but don’t take my gun.
I will fight for freedom,
the war has just begun.


The children keep dying,
quicker than you can blink.
Anywhere could be next,
even places you wouldn't think.

You think it is distant,
it could never be you or me.
But what’s the cost of freedom?
Reflect on reality.

They want to arm our teachers,
putting more guns within schools.
But that isn’t what we want,
we just want better rules.

The right calls victims 'actors',
when we fight for the unchanged.
The children are our future,
but now remain feeling estranged.

You laugh in our faces,
showing off guns high and proud.
Why does this have to be political?
We're screaming for help out loud.

We should all be against massacres,
and care about our lives.
These deaths should be remembered,
and not pushed into the archives.

The children keep dying,
quicker than you can blink.
All we ask is for a moment,
for you to please rethink.

© Annika Brown

After Parkland, Students Across the U.S. Are Holding Protest Walkouts Over Gun Violence

Annika Brown, is 16 years old. She attends junior high school in Upstate New York. Annika has been writing poetry for about a year and has felt inspired by politics and current events as most of her work somehow relates to items in the news.