Monday, 19 February 2018

Students of the American Educational System

Students of the American Educational System
get up out of your chairs and walk out of your classrooms.
Stop being sitting ducks for these stuffed shirts with all the big bucks.
Walk out of your schools
and revolt
against the amendment that keeps you in its crosshairs.
For there is
any more.
Children of the American Educational System
you have been failed and are being taught to live in fear.
Your peers, soldiers of misfortune
your blood bought and sold like buckshot.
Why have your elected civil servants taken
against these corrosive elements that
plague your playgrounds.
Teachers of the American Educational System
how long will you tolerate being bodyguards
and human shields for unformed minds.

This is not even close to being covered
in your pay scale.
Overseers of the American Educational System,
what you have done to stop all of this insanity is
as if
At all
will make all the pain
go away.

© Joshua Baumgarten

Joshua Baumgarten is an ex-pat New Yorker living in Holland. He organises the Irrational Library evenings - nights of poetry, rock n roll and casual chaos, and performs as a Standup Spoken Word artist.