Thursday, 22 February 2018

Plus ça change

Friends, Britons, plebs! Please calm your fears.
This greatest change in fifty years,
This liberation from the lock
Of Earth's most evil trading bloc,
This glorious raising of our station,
This breaking of our island nation
From all that stops us standing tall -
Will not change anything at all.
There will be no excess of tax
On squillionaires whose humble shacks
And spikes point out, for all to feel,
That vagrancy has scant appeal.
We'll still be stable, strong and free
To jail the ghastly refugee
As hordes from overseas confess
The foaming wonders of our Press,
While students take their happy route
Into the Army to pick fruit
And shirkers choose if they should heat
Their homes, or let the children eat.
Our values will remain the same
(If not, we'll all know who to blame):
Keep calm, continue without fuss,
Be proud that you are One of Us;
Go forward, let the future come -
Just like the first day at the Somme.

© Philip Challinor

Philip Challinor posts fiction, satire and assorted grumbles on his blog: The Curmudgeon. His longer fiction is available here.