Wednesday, 28 February 2018

'I fix umbrellas to save the world' - Thierry Millet

                                what I do, people
                           think I only repair very
                          expensive umbrellas, but
                      I repair any kind. To be able to
                  repair something is very useful. We
                make things to throw away; umbrellas
             we throw away have enough metal in them
         to build 10 Eiffel Towers every year, that’s 500
      million broken umbrellas, and where do they all go?
   Mending saves money and helps stop pollution. I say it
 humbly, I recycle umbrellas. It is my gift to you, and to our
children. It’s a really small thing, but if we all make an effort,
                                           Think           about
                                             this             next
                                             time          a gust
                                             of wind    snaps
                                              your umbrella

© Sue Norton

'I fix umbrellas to save the world'

Sue Norton has had poems published in various magazines. She was a prizewinner in the 2017 Rialto/RSPB Nature Poetry competition.