Thursday, 1 February 2018

Graham Says It’s OK

Graham says he always
knew this would be
the next big thing.

People might criticise
the concept
he smiles

but many of my
customers are

and for as little as £100
it is possible to
try before you buy.

Graham who
is forty and gives
no other name

runs his manufacturing business
from an industrial estate
in Felling in Gateshead.

He believes these things
have now been

A lot of the time he says with
disarming modesty it’s more
fantasy than reality.

Most customers will invent
a personality similar
to the customer’s own.

Men are falling in love
with themselves and paying me
for the privilege.

Of course some of them
sell the dolls back but others
go on to get married.

It’s ok, though.This is
after all a celebration of

© Abigail Elizabeth Ottley

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Abigail Elizabeth Ottley writes poetry and short fiction from her home in Penzance where the sea air and beautiful scenery keep her mostly on the right side of sanity.