Monday, 12 February 2018


I saw you in court
tried to imagine how you may be feeling
putting yourself out there
a victim

and then he turned up
a few yards away
you weren’t expecting that

how would that feel?

‘He’s been in my head for 15 years,’ you said
and there he is again
in front of you

he’s behind glass
but there was glass between you
in that cab

they said you were not
a credible witness
‘A black cab driver 
just wouldn’t do that.’

But he did
and you have lived with him
in your head
for 15 years

believing that you let all the others down
those hundreds
who went through that
after you

because someone decided
you were not believable

© Jackie Biggs

'They said a black cab driver wouldn't do that'

Why was John Worboys granted parole? His victims need answers.

Jackie Biggs has had poetry published in many magazines and anthologies, both print and online. Her first collection is The Spaces in Between (2015). She blogs at: The Spaces in Between. Twitter: @JackieNews