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Friday, 23 February 2018

Diary of a Tear-Cutter: After “Protections for Religious Freedom”

An image lived inside the sphere
Of the tear-cutter.
Her profession taught
This could not be so
Since image stands
Alone as image.

Then I am quite mad,
She sang. I believe
In the micro-dot Magus
And tears spearing
All untruths
Beneath the bed-clothes.

Besides, the tear – oblique
To science – will not
Dissolve in water.
Nor will it suffocate
Within the lands...

“I’ve seen it melt
The most hardened diamond,”
She moaned.
“And explode when told
How useless it is.”

Hand over hand equals the tear
Which is the image
Grossly misconstrued...
“I must,”
She pledged,
                  “Commence a school
Founded on failure – that any
Tear-image can pay
Homage to.”

© Stefanie Bennett

Change.org 20th February 2018 Review into “Protections for
Religious Freedom” with media reporting potential on impacts
for the LGBTQI Community. [Australia]

Stefanie Bennett has published several books of poetry – worked with Arts Action
For Peace, & ‘Equality’ [Human rights]. Of mixed ancestry – Italian, Irish Paugussett
-Shawnee, she was born in Queensland, Australia.

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