Saturday, 3 February 2018


He may not be viewed as a force for good
but the man in the white house is simply misunderstood
or at least the reactions, to all that he does
should be seen as positive, think about it, if you would

while republicans are silent, burying their heads in hands
and their supporters examine navels, where's the line in the sand?
the democrats have started to get off of the fence
and minorities are discovering, their voice is existent

so every tweet he makes, each wave of his hands
his attacks on small countries, they're all spiteful stands
the response, the double take, the he-didn't, did he?
is making us all examine, what we each do each day

now people all around are starting to talk today
the Korea's are Winter Olympicking, he caused this I say
they realise there's a bigger danger to the status quo now
in place from the 50's, to today, let's talk, some how!

as America recants all of Obama's balanced deeds,
Trumpy is shredding them to the bone 'til they bleed
environmental protection, goodwill gestures and world wide pacts
are spitefully stopped, cut down, dead in their tracks

its not that they were bad but they were already in place
put there by someone Trump knows is a better person, with better grace
so every item and act he can find will with glee be erased
gleefully unpicked, that's narcissism, he must know his place!

and western leaders paddle in the soup of home made cold broth
spouting empty rhetoric and meaninglessness froth
so social media carries all the meaningful anger and public thrust
will civilisation survive, or is it near to being bust?

So the world looks for change as China sails on a fifty year cruise
lots of eyes start to look eastward, for leadership they can use
and they stop looking to westward, as for so long they did
hoping now the orange glow is a complexion, not the burning of the id

but here and there is a shred of just seen light
where people have moved away from demigodarism, as a right!
little actions are happening that may help improve the world
will Trumpy last for ever, no, he's a speck on a turd

but the turd has forced lots of stances to be carefully reviewed
arguments to be settled and maybe the end of a feud
some enemies look at each other and say he's madder over there
lets go have a coffee, watch twitter, laugh, and not care!

© Andrew Minhinnick

Winter Olympics 2018: North Korea will send 22 athletes to Pyeongchang

Andrew Minhinnick is a fifty year old, unpublished scribbler. Work prevents him from dedicating as much time as he would like, to his writing. Nevertheless, he tries to pen something every day. His four unfinished novels and hundreds of poems tell the tale.