Saturday, 13 January 2018

The Island of the Dead

Under the soft snow of Alabama

They let him hang from a tree

To tell them “no one messes with Mary Lee”

In a classroom 50 miles south they picked on María Guadalupe.

And made her crawl on her knees

At a special school they broke off for tea, went back to their dormitories

And saw Steve Jane and others too burnt to see

In the Island of the dead

They made America cremate again

In the White House he sat petulant and cold

Letting loose

Women to be slapped

Blacks to be murdered

Muslims to be demonized,

"You’re the terrorist Mr Trump"

"You’re the terrorist Mr Trump"

But in the soul of the dead

America was great again

© David Mellor

Trump 'in Oval Office outburst about migrants'

David Mellor is from Liverpool, England. He found understanding and belief through words, and his work has been aired widely, at the BBC, The Tate, galleries and pubs and everything in between. Discover more about David on his Facebook Page YouTube Twitter: @olunikat