Wednesday, 10 January 2018


They’re always bigger than you think.

Made stronger with intent and clarity, with purpose.

Like any mother she was frantic, bellowing, eyes wide-crazed

and her size, her color, her shape didn’t matter.

You stepped up. Shouldered her baby from the trench,

too weak from scrambling, unanswered cries.

Had hysterical adrenaline kicked in? What made you

hoist a baby elephant – terrified and trembling

onto your shoulders, a load beyond your own weight?

Was it pity? No.

I prefer to think compassion drove you. A gut-wrenching,

essential need bound to make a difference.

© Melinda Rizzo

India elephant rescue: The forest guard who saved a calf

Melinda Rizzo is a freelance reporter who lives in Quakertown, PA. She loves telling great stories - every story is a great story. Visit her website at