Sunday, 7 January 2018

Plastic, plastic, everywhere

Seafood Starter

When you pressed start,

the washing machine began tumbling

synthetic microfibres out of your polyester

microplastics too tiny for the filter,

too insignificant for sifting

by the water treatment plant.

They drifted down-river to the ocean

where the langoustine ate them

and they lodged inside.

Your shrimp’s stomach is removed

from your seafood starter, but the shellfish

conceals from your partner its plastic surprise.

© Sue Norton

Are seafood lovers really eating 11,000 bits of plastic per year?

Sue Norton has had poems published in various magazines. She was a prizewinner in the 2017 Rialto/RSPB Nature Poetry competition.

Plastic Sea

In a thousand years time, when we are all dead
and all of our offspring have been laid gently in bed,
what will a visitor, who had bumped into Voyager see?
they had wanted to listen, to a creature called Chuck Berry.
will the seas be a soup, of plastic slime and oil?
will the rainforests clingon, or will it be desert mile on mile?
will the gardens of Europe be a flood plain of ice-less sea?
is Greenland now a beach resort, glacier and tundra free?
will we still stand, having survived our man made end
or will all be ruled by insects and jellyfish men?
and as they look around at all we have left,
the shells of buildings, rail and road intersects,
will they wonder the how, or the why, or even the what
or just carry on looking for a Chuck Berry CD box set?

© Andrew Minhinnick

193 nations sign pledge to tackle 'global crisis' of plastic in the oceans

Andrew Minhinnick is a fifty year old, unpublished scribbler. Work prevents him from dedicating as much time as he would like, to his writing. Nevertheless, he tries to pen something every day. His four unfinished novels and hundreds of poems tell the tale.