Saturday, 27 January 2018

Papering over the cracks

I scroll down MSN,
weep for the thirteen
blanked-out faces
of thirteen children
tortured by their parents.

I can't stomach much detail,
need sugar-coated news.

Prince William's £180.00 haircut.
Boris's bridge over the Channel.
Harry and Meghan wowing Wales.

I stay with Meghan who sparkles,
shares my daughter's name;
read about her fashion footwear,
statement earrings, green handbag.
Learn where her jeans were made,
what she said when she ate
her first welsh cake.

Yet even here, in my comfort zone,
an evil wind
wheezes through the cracks,
splutters images of girls
in matching tartan dresses-
puff sleeved, satin sashed-
the boys in dark suits,
white shirts, red ties.

Thirteen children
with blanked-out faces,
wiped out smiles.

© Sheila Jacob

How can parents torture their children?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Cardiff for royal visit

Sheila Jacob was born and raised in Birmingham and lives on the North Wales border with her Husband. She's had poems published in various U.K.magazines and webzines