Saturday, 6 January 2018


I was born extra-
mean/I was born
burrowing/a drill
bit personality/
the vessels of the soil/
I was born so graves
could not be/coffins
stalled on the descent/
prayers flung from eaves
and thrown up solid
in pipes/I was born
so hope could reach
for drains/so space
could shrink itself/
so time could grip
dank fears like tongued
with fever I burned
through my birth/
set breakneck
records over and over/
hibernated in motion/
I was born burying
my own afterbirth/
a withdrawal of mass/
split on the multiple ways
I could be a jet streak/
an aerial divide/and still
come screaming to land

© Jen Karetnick

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Jen Karetnick is the author of seven poetry collections, including The Treasures That Prevail (Whitepoint Press, September 2016), finalist for the 2017 Poetry Society of Virginia Book Prize. She is co-editor of the daily online literary journal, SWWIM Every Day (; @SWWIMmiami). Her social media handles are @Kavetchnik and @JenKaretnick.