Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Alternative Solutions For Bloodthirsty Lion Cub Killers

The darlings sleep on the grass carpet,
dream of the Savannah,
wind in their manes
as they roar across the plains,

bullets break the silence,
fawn coloured skin turns red,
a mother whimpers in pain,
Who murders sleep again?
snatches these young ones from their den?

A sanitary measure,
A population censor,
cold-blooded killer.

Good guests at a sister zoo,
auctioned to a millionaire or two,
a crowdfunded feed-a-cub,
beg to buy a playpen,
so many options.

Or perhaps
returned, to the land of their birth
rescued from exile,
spared infantile demise,

But who knew?
That humans could think mass murder of lion cubs
an excellent thing to do.

© N.M.Bassey

N.M.Bassey is a writer and poet who lives in Nigeria. You can see more of their work at or follow on Twitter @StNaija