Saturday, 23 December 2017


it depends
on the size of the angel
and the size of the pin.

The In-Pin,* now,
could very possibly accommodate
legions of mountaineering
minor divinities,
clustering and crying
like guillemots.

With an ordinary pin, though,
of the hat or
haberdashery variety,
the dance would have to be such
that only one angel

had its foot on the pinhead
at any one moment:
a kind of vertical sword dance,
if you will, requiring such skill
that only angels
could execute it.

an infinite corps de ballet angélique
circling, dipping, alighting
and springing away again in
an eternal 
celestial liftoff –
every one of them
en pointe

*the Inaccessible Pinnacle, crowning glory of the Cuillin ridge on the Isle of Skye

© Mandy Macdonald

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Mandy Macdonald lives in Aberdeen, trying to make sense of the 21st century. Music, poetry and gardening keep her sane. Her poems appear here and there in print and online.