Friday, 3 November 2017


I want you for reasons you are not.
For the cynicism from a tongue
well papered
a vision borne from the freeze
intent on imprisoning sarcasm
nuance or inflection
before it can become
on the altar of silent sentence.

Were it not for earthly possessives
that linger on the senses -
my truth silence in between words -
nothing but my words
would be understood.
A global comprehension
like that feeling not feeling
when you get got not
not here here not.
Beyond misanthropic mastery
closer to misplaced mistrust
and myopic melancholia.

Never was one once, never will be again.
Enthralled by fear and vanity,
wistful of emotion, religion and morality.
An ever changing scape -
sky, sea, land, urban -
manipulated physical space
ever in between
replete with metaphor and simile
duality and dualism
diversion, distrust, discontent.
Dreams dense with economic denudation

"WANTED! - Dry feet and a comforting bed"

© Shaun Parrin

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Shaun had been writing, over many years, and been published in different genres, although he is not a professional writer outside his day job. He has previously been published in Poetry24 and continues to try this genre.