Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Negotiator

sex a negotiation,
nothing more,
nothing less,
women displaying assets,
in the way they dress,
and speak,
nothing more than bargaining techniques,
sexual advances,
represent negotiating positions,
short and sweet,
hotel rooms,
part of the negotiation strategy,
going to a room,
implies certain concepts with which you agree,
Weinstein as a negotiator,
overplayed his hand,
time after time,
with women in numbers too big to ignore,
now these ladies negotiate from a position of strength,
holding all the cards.

© Douglas polk

After Weinstein: A List of Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct and the Fallout for Each

Douglas Polk is a poet living in the wilds of central Nebraska with his wife and son, two dogs and three cats. Polk has had over 1000 poems published in hundreds of publications.