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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The International Buffoon Contest

One Signor Berlusconi

the Italian judges sent

was somewhat understandably

cocky and confident,

but he became indignant

when upon arrival there

He saw Mr. Mugabe

and he sotto voce sweared

“Scusami Roberto,”

said the haughty Senor B

“I don’t think you should be here,

I know Donald will agree;

this isn’t for just amateurish

clowns and wannabes,

but undisputed idiots

like Mr Trump and me.”

© Peter Duff

Peter Duff was runner-up in the Poetry on the Lake competition for formal poetry in 2013. He publishes a short weekly podcast, Discursive Poetry, which is available on iTunes Podcasts.


  1. A word of advice to a fellow poet: beware of fake news. Some false stories aren’t completely fake, but rather distortions of real events.
    The headlines suggesting that Berlusconi is hoping for a comeback to power are misleading as it is a well known fact that he is barred from standing as a candidate at the next Italian elections.
    And, by the way, the past participle of swear is swore and not sweared.

  2. The past participle of "swear" is actually "sworn". As past tense, "sweared" is indeed non-standard, but hey, it's poetry.

    1. Yes, I admit my mistake. I should have said past tense.