Saturday, 4 November 2017

Suffer The Little Children

(a poem for Penzance)

In the co-op on Sunday just after five o'clock
three not-quite-children steal beer.

On the pavement outside they are casing the joint.
He a little older takes the lead.

She is blonde and pretty, so obviously
besotted she will do whatever he wants.

The younger boy is younger,
underfed, not at all good-looking.

He knows no matter how much alcohol he steals
she will never look that way at him.

They saunter in together. She goes first.
To her left and right they make a screen.

She shoves the bottle between her small breasts
and zips up her jacket in flash.

Now they turn smartly and exit the store.
They do not attempt to make a purchase.

On the pavement again their eyes meet mine.
An afternoon drunk stirs in his sleep.

© Abigail Elizabeth Rowland

Anti-social behaviour crackdown in Penzance

Abigail Elizabeth Rowland lives in Redruth in Cornwall where she writes poetry and short fiction and does her best to remain positive.