Thursday, 16 November 2017

Scales of Injustice

Pick up the leaflet
pick up a pen
Rate on a scale of nil to ten
how broken is your heart
how much your life is rent apart
Rate your mental state
Is it three or six or eight?

Rate on a scale of nil to ten
Where nil is
I don't give a toss about them'
And ten is
'I'll never feel intact again'

Rate on a scale of one to one hundred
How many died
and how many live
How many flying ones you give

Rate on a scale of one to twenty-four
how many floors
how many storeys
What is the score
you'll give to the Tories?
How much do they care?
How much more can you bear?
How much are they willing
to foot the bill?
Rate on a scale
from zero to nil.

© Janine Booth

Backlash over Kensington Tories' Grenfell Tower leaflet

Janine Booth lives in Hackney, East London. She writes and performs poetry, and has had three slim volumes of poetry published. Janine posts poems and political polemics at