Monday, 13 November 2017

Overcoming Our Divisions Is Going To Take Some Time

(After driving past a white supremacists’ gathering in a farm field.)

The pear tree is hardly taller than I am,

branches bent with ripe fruit

mottled gold and brown.

Each pear plucked

is a welcome

weight in the hand,

in the basket. Even

rotting fruit at my feet

is a celebration of hornets.

I think of these pears

in the mouths of children I love.

I squint at my neighbors’ homes,

recently shadowed by Trump signs,

want to offer this sweetness to them all,

want to ask blessings to cover every one of us.

Instead I carry the pears inside. This division is on me, too.

© Laura Grace Weldon

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Laura Grace Weldon authored two books. She lives on Bit of Earth Farm where she spends too much time reading, cooking weird things, & singing to livestock. Connect at or @earnestdrollery