Friday, 24 November 2017

All Consuming

Plenty makes us poor – Dryden

We travel heavy, weighted down with stuff

Acquiring more and more as time goes on

Not seeing that a little is enough

Those calling for restraint meet with rebuff

As we buy happiness and put it on

And travel heavy, weighted down with stuff

In thrall to fashion and the adman's guff

We buy, and by and by, what's bought is gone

We don't see that a little is enough

And scarcity can hardly be more tough

Than carrying a heavy load upon

Your back when you're indentured to your stuff

I have, therefore I am - I am my stuff,

My hoarding habit my sine qua non

I've got a lot but still it's not enough

This rutted track somehow becomes less rough

As we cast off the burden we took on

And travel light with just essential stuff,

Believing that a little is enough

© Peter Duff

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Peter Duff was runner-up in the Poetry on the Lake competition for formal poetry in 2013. He publishes a short weekly podcast, Discursive Poetry, which is available on iTunes Podcasts.