Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Poetry to Die For

If I could choose my death

it’d be Pablo Neruda’s death.

Poisoned by two hitmen dressed

as medics because my poetry

upset the chief.

If I could choose my writing

it’d be Pablo Neruda’s writing.

Not just for the Nobel prize

or the best poem ever

about a cat

Not just for the passion,

the love, or the way he

inspired the working man,

but because he shamed a dictator

with his pen.

If I could pierce a junta’s defences using

words that live decades longer

than military rule, then

I’d be happy to write

a poem to die for.

© Charlie Lambert

Researchers raise doubts over cause of Chilean poet Neruda's death

Charlie Lambert is a former journalist and sports broadcaster who turned to a different form of media in 2016 when he started writing poetry. He is among a group of poets who have contributed to the anthology in support of human rights, 'Write to be Counted', published this month by the Book Mill. He lives in Liverpool.