Saturday, 14 October 2017

Off Your Knees

Keep politics out of sport
Black lives may matter
but all that matters here
is the score

Keep politics out of football
because standing up for the national anthem
is not political
but kneeling for it is

Keep politics off the pitch
Offence and defence
are matters for the field of play
not for the field of struggle

Keep politics out of sport
Do your duty, entertain
don't complain
Forget those folk who can't be at the game

Play for us, throw for us
put on a show for us
Tackle them hard for us
run forty yards for us
Deliver our sport for us
don't ask for support from us

Keep politics out of sport
Keep your protests out of our faces
Know your places
Touch down your ball, run down your races

Stuff justice, think of your career
We just want a score to cheer

Get off your knees
and stand up

© Janine Booth

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Janine Booth is a Marxist motormouth, who grinds out poems serious and humorous, for the page and the stage. She has had three slim volumes of poetry published, and posts poems and political polemics at