Thursday, 26 October 2017

Of the overmorrow

brilliance of summer flowers
bow down to
placated autumnal hews
as most say their goodbyes
until the lightness of
the queens of spring

only the stoically hardy few
remain aware
frightened by apnoea
seduced by the grandiloquence
of sedition -
fight or flight against
the ravages of time
solipsistic adventures
betwixt the avenues
of ice and heat
light and dark
collectivism and solitude

the few that emerge onto
late winters sparse bounty
revive scent trails
towards the renewal
and the cycle
that ever was
until now

where once every exit
was an entrance
of labyrinthine proportions
only closed signs hang taut
alchemical approbation
abandonment atoned
in the underworld
of the overmorrow’s


© Shaun Parrin

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Shaun had been writing, over many years, and been published in different genres, although he is not a professional writer outside his day job. He has previously been published in Poetry24 and continues to try this genre.